Interesting points to consider:

Comparing a one-story home to two-story home might be a matter of your own style and taste, but consider other factors as well.

Descending and ascending stairs can be an obstacle, whether or not you’re a youngster with a growing family or an older individual who wants to age in place.

Maintaining is more difficult even if you don’t mind climbing stairs.

Heating and cooling is easier too.  Modern single story home plans usually combine three spaces into one open area.  This way and with large windows, lots of the family can join together for more family activities.

You can expand your living space even after it’s built to add patios or other outdoor living spaces and courtyards surround by windows gives a great outdoor/indoor connection.

It’s possible that single story houses are more affordable to build.

Between floors sound will travel.  I have had experience with this – when a game room is directly above the family room you might be yelling, “What’s going on up there?”

Even those people with young children aren’t fans of stairs either.  Parents need to install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.  Curious children try to figure out all the ways to get up and down.

One story house can be a prized possession and sells pretty fast!

If you’re lazy like me, climbing up and down the stairs on most days, if at all! - can be exhausting.

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Floor plans are open
Exposed beams on vaulted ceilings
L-shape or U-shape design
Stucco, brick, glass and wood
Rustic interior and exterior - and could be simple
Attached garage
Sometimes a low long roof-line
It takes longer for the trees to get tall enough to shade a 2-story house

One story houses can also be referred to as:
Single Story

Heat rises in a 2-story house and painting and repairs are not for the faint of heart.  The ranch houses of today are anything but plain and simple.  There’s open kitchens, extended outdoor living spaces, rooms that are flexible.  Exteriors can have various simple but different styles of architecture.

And remember, these one story houses are great for first-time homeowners, people with small children, and people with mobility issues, or just anyone who wants to save money on utilities and maintenance.

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